Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Returned from Trenton

A Simple Man has turned from Trenton.  This was an eye opening day.  Today was a Senate committee with debate on gun citizen control measure.  The hearing was scheduled to start at 9am and committee vote at 4pm.  After arriving we were informed debate wouldn't begin until noon and voting would be 4pm.  Also half of the bills to be debated were put of until this Thursday.  So time for debate was halved and an extra day added.  How many people can take off twice in one week and on such short notice. I feared that this would be a Soviet Kangaroo court and sadly I was correct.  The outcome was clearly predetermined and the debate was merely a public relations exercise.  All manner of constitutional arguments were made against the bills to no avail.  We will see what happens in the full Senate but I am very pessimistic at this point.

Today was a lesson in how revolutions start.