Sunday, October 21, 2012

Range day with the VEPR

Such a beautiful clear fall day, gotta love Indian Summer.  I couldn't pass on going to the range, plus I promised a report. So I tore into a spam can and took out four packets of ammo, 120 rounds, I wish i brought more. This baby shoots like butter. This is my new slobbering love affair, sorry Mrs. Simple Man.  All shots made with iron sights at 100 yards.

Brass from my first shot.

I used only iron sights at 100 yards with no gun rest, but seated at a bench. And no,  I didn't use the car as a target stand, just a photo stand. I used an old backer but i am sure i own a lot of the low left holes.

Zombie cranial ventilation at 100 yards with only irons

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