Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well we Survived Sandy, but not as prepared as I should have been.


Harvey Cedars LBI

Seaside Heights AKA "The Jersey Shore"




I humbly report that Casa Del Simple Man made it through the storm. The eye wall passed less than a mile south of our home. The lowest pressure recorded ever in our hemisphere went through the inlet between northern Atlantic City and southern Brigantine Isle. As an aside, huricane Irene last year swept ashore on the the north end of my fare Island of Brigantine. Our area of the Island made it through with minor damage but no electricity, but a few blocks away the bay met the ocean(see picturre above). The north end had severe damage as did Atlantic City,  Margate, Ventnor, Long Port, Ocean City, Sea Isle City and etc. I'm sure many saw the footage of the roller coaster in the ocean at Sea Side Hights, home of "The Jersey Shore". I hope you will keep those effected in your prayers.

Of course this brings us to prepping.  I thought we were good for several days and likely were. Areas that need improvement are:

  • quality camp stove

  • more green gas cans

  • tub liner for water storage

  • actual emergency candles, store bought smelly ones don't last and exacerbate my wifes asthma

  • I need to have the family more in a preparedness/SHTF mindset, they were NOT ready

  • non electric indoor heat source

  • unfortunately we need to minimize contact with neighbors at these times, they were completely unprepared and leaned heavily on us and mostly my wife. I will happily advise and assist them before hand but must close my door WTSHTF

  • I read many of your blogs and try to put into practice your suggestions. My wife and I agreed to go over everything we need so we are on the same page. I think this was a true "Eye Opener" for Mrs. Simple Man


  1. I'm glad you folks made it okay. It's been said that there's nothing like to a good emergency; it focuses the awareness like nothing else.

    Happy shopping. :^)

  2. Hello Rev.Paul thanks. I'm lookin into constructing a small rocket stove. Seems like a great solution and can be made from discarded cans. There is tremendous brush on the dunes here for fuel if need be.

  3. In the midst of your own troubles you took the time to leave me words of support and comfort. Thank you. Lu and I will be keeping you and yours in our prayers.