Saturday, November 10, 2012


After browsing the blogosphere on the intarwebs I found great comfort HERE.  I have been a regular reader of Brigid's "Home on the Range" blog for many moons now but that particular post really crystalized thing for me.  I have accordingly developed a rudimentary plan of action.

  1. I have cut my ties to the Republican party.  I joined when I registered to vote at 18 and was inspired by Reagan.  I remain inspired by Reagan but believe he was an aberation and not the Republican norm.  The more I explore the more I believe the party leadership has been co-opted by progessives.  I'll say that again and louder "THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS BEEN CO-OPTED BY PROGRESSIVES".  They are statists no different from Democrates other than for speed. Think tuortis and the hare.
  2. I spent considerable time pondering the following Jefferson quote: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others". I believe this is the very essence of what made these united states special.
  3. I joined the Libertarian party.  I believe they more fully, but not perfectly, represent the above quote.  I firmly believe in the constitution.  I firmly beieve the constitution has been ignored and ridiculed by those in power for the last 100 years. I firmly belive those in power now are guilty of treason, all of them.
  4. I will take preparations much more seriously. More so than I "thought" I did prior to Hurricain Sandy.
  5. I will live my life according to Jeffersons principled ideal. I will live morally, with integrity and faith.  
  6. I will take better care of myself so I can take better care of those I love.

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  1. Welcome to the small-L libertarian crowd, sir. I'm right there with you.