Saturday, November 10, 2012


Circled the Drain

I would like to elaborate on my thoughts and  feelings about the formerly Grand Old Party.  I stated that the Republican party has been co-opted by progressives. With the exception of Ronald Reagan this is mostly true with few exceptions. The GOP did not want Ronald Reagan in the White House or in party leadership. They fought against him in '76 and in '80. They imposed George H. W. Bush on him as a means maintaining control. Mr. Reagan clearly was not fond of Mr. Bush and visa versa as their primary campaigns made clear.  To understand this one must look back to the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century and the rise of Progressivism.

As the twentieth century dawned and post civil war there was the growing belief that Washington was the answer for the nations many ills.  President Lincoln used his wartime powers as President to expand the breadth and scope of federal powers and for the first time made the several states a dependent and integrated appendage of the federal government.   A school of thought was developing that encouraged and nurtured that view and sought to provide answers through government regulation and control of the individual.  They worked to advance a view where an elite minority of enlightened thinkers would move humanity foward.  To accomplish this they infiltrated the press and both dominant political parties, but with the GOP has not always been so clear.

I strongly encourage you to look into Theodore Roosevelt to fully understand the reach of progressivism into the Republican party.  

MORE TO COME........... 

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